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Everyone who’s been keeping an eye on the tech scene knows by now that big data analytics is reshaping how many businesses operate, but fewer people seem to realize the true scope of big data’s impact on our world. Sports and sports medicine, for instance, have been drastically altered by the recent emergence of big data analytics in just the past few years alone. As this exciting technology continues to develop, the world of sports is going to be upended by disruption more and more.

Here’s how big data analytics is changing the world of sports for the better, and what aspiring athletes and loyal fans alike should know about this rapidly emerging technology.

Nothing is safe from big data

While many people who have heard a little bit about big data analytics before likely think about the financial world or tech-heavy businesses when they hear the words “big data analytics,” the trend of crunching huge sums of information with powerful programs has reached just about every aspect of modern life. The world of sports is no exception; from high school athletics to professional sports leagues, the power of big data analytics is being harnessed to keep better statistical records and to make …

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