How Artificial Intelligence is Making Mobile Apps Ever Smarter?

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Artificial intelligence, one of the most talked about technologies in recent times actually started its journey way back in 1950’s when the concept and term were first coined. Ever since the launch of that concept users worldwide believed that slowly machines would start performing tasks intended for machines. So there was huge enthusiasm concerning robotics that lasted for decades.

Finally, we have Artificial Intelligence for the mobile interface and a connected environment that continued to become the biggest and most influential proponent of the concept as of now. The launch of IBM’s Watson at the beginning of the previous decade was appreciated around the world became the hallmark of a new beginning.

But it was only with a smartphone, and voice-enabled digital assistants AI took over the mobile interfaces.

Now, we have AI in almost every handheld and connected device. From the digital assistants which quickly replies to queries with immediate answers and results to chatbots capable of guiding web traffic and app users to devices responsive to voice commands at home and workplaces, machines are behaving like human and learning from user actions more than ever before. It is needless to mention that mobile apps have been the biggest beneficiaries of Artificial …

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