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With consumer data privacy becoming a top priority in the current age, regulating authorities have jumped into the conundrum to ensure that users get the privacy they need for their personal data. One such regulatory authority that has come into the mix to ensure rights for all users online is the European Union. The EU announced the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, that will be in full effect by May of this year. Although GDPR may be considered a regional regulation, its impact is far-flung and may be seen across the globe in the coming days. 

While GDPR imposes regulations on many aspects of management and user protection, the main clause of the regulation is that users will now be able to control their own personal data online and organizations will be required to protect the data that users share with them. New protection methods for personally identifiable information or PII gives every EU citizen the right to approve the use of their personal data. Citizens can now allow the use of their data or can opt for the “right to be forgotten” as an alternative. 

The enforcement of the GDPR by the EU will be done through the implementation of …

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