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When I was first approached by our CTO with an idea to write an article about food as medicine, for the share of a second my reaction was “Are you stark raving mad?” However, what I can be confident in is that he would never abandon the scientific approach to seemingly everything.

So is there a scientific approach to eat health? Or, rather, what does Data Science say about food?

Food as Medicine Approach

Amid today’s obsession with mindfulness and body practices, it’s hard not to notice numerous books, documentaries, and podcasts that explore the association between diet and chronic disease or illness, both somatic and mental.

The present-day application of the famous Hippocrates’ phrase about letting food be your medicine advises us to make better decisions about what to eat in order to prevent disease, maintain health and function better.

It sounds fair, and a plethora of principles follow, ranging from Ayurveda to genetic programming.

Science probably cannot measure the prana content in your breakfast, but let’s think of more measurable aspects of your diet.

Digital nutrition platforms collect data from analyzing anthropometric measurements, blood biomarkers, nutrigenomics and gut health testing, and here data science can really provide valuable insights.

Anthropometric measurements

Anthropometric measurements are used to assess the …

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