Do You Have to Sacrifice Privacy for Security With Facial Recognition Security Cameras?

Is the next generation of security tech too advanced for its own good? That’s a concern for the latest smart home security cameras, which employ facial recognition technology to learn your family’s faces and track potential intruders. Here’s what you need to know about the pros and cons of this new home security tech.

How Smart Security Cameras Work

Many of the latest smart security cameras use artificial intelligence to detect and remember the faces of anyone who visits your home. Over time, these systems build a database of friends and family and alert you when they detect an unrecognized person.

This tech is still in its infancy and isn’t foolproof, but the additional layer of security makes it an exciting addition to a home security system. Facial recognition at home also opens up a number of useful features. For instance, you can set smartphone alerts when your children walk in the house, which helps you give older children more independence without worrying about their location.

Facial Recognition and Privacy Concerns

Many other places already use the same facial recognition technology employed by smart security cameras. Google, Facebook, brick-and-mortar businesses, and law enforcement agencies apply the technology for everything from photo album management to surveillance. …

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