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Forget stealing your job… in the future, a robot may well steal your heart.

Technology is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the impact it is having on all aspects of modern life, including relationships.

Long gone are the days of finding love in the traditional sense, with people opting to use apps like Tinder or websites like, where algorithms work to pair you up with potential suitors given your personality data. No more is the spontaneity of meeting someone over coffee or through friends something that rouses excitement of the unknown, where you have to invest time in finding out what someone is really like. Thanks to social media, you can find out more about your potential partner, their history and more before even meeting them!

Relationships have become more of a commodity than ever before. With a simple swipe left or right dictated by looks and a bio, many might be missing out on the real thing. But, we’re seeing the beginnings of an even more dramatic shift in the way in which we find love. Film and TV have explored the subject, with chatbot love in Her, romantic interests expressed by robot Ava in Ex Machina, …

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