Case Note 235405 [2012] NZ PrivCmr 12 : Phone provider refused to give woman information about calls made to her cell phone

A woman had received several calls from an unidentified person, which had alarmed her.She contacted her phone provider and asked for details about calls made to her cell phone on several specific days. She asked for the dates and times she received calls, and the phone number/s of the person making the calls.The phone provider refused to provide her with this information because it did not believe she was entitled to information about calls that had been made to her (“incoming telecommunications”). It considered that she was only entitled to information about calls she had made (“outgoing telecommunications”).The Telecommunications Information Privacy Code (‘the TIPC’) Rule 6 of the TIPC states that individuals are entitled to the telecommunications information that a telecommunications agency (such as a phone provider) holds about them.Under the TIPC, telecommunications information includes:1. Subscriber information – the personal information the agency collects when an individual signs up for…

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