Case Note 232027 [2012] NZ PrivCmr 10 : Bar responsible for patrons’ use of noticeboard

A man was involved in an altercation in a bar which resulted in his removal by Police. A number of days later, he returned to the bar to find that a patron had placed photographs of him, taken during the altercation, on the public noticeboard. The man was humiliated by the photographs. He was a regular patron of the bar, which was in a small town. The man complained to the Police who told the bar to remove the photographs, which it did. However, the photographs had been on the noticeboard for a few weeks and the man felt that the damage had already been done. He asked us to investigate the matter. Principle 11 Principle 11 states that an agency should not disclose personal information unless it can rely on an exception which permits it to do so.

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