Case Note 217784 [2010] NZ Priv Cmr 23 : Woman complains that her landlord disclosed information about her to her flatmates

A woman complained that her landlord had disclosed health information about her to her flatmates. The woman was one of three flatmates who had entered into a fixed term tenancy with the landlord. The woman became mentally unwell, and wanted to terminate her tenancy. Her psychologist wrote a letter to the landlord, supporting the woman’s request that she be released from the tenancy on the basis that her mental health would decline further if she remained in the flat. The landlord met with the other two flatmates to discuss releasing the woman from the tenancy. During this discussion the psychologist’s letter was shown to the two flatmates. We investigated the complaint as one raising issues under principle 11 of the Privacy Act. Principle 11 Principle 11 of the Privacy Act provides that an agency that holds personal information must not disclose that information unless one of the specified exceptions applies.

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