Case Note 211715 [2010] NZPrivCmr 9: Employer posts information about former employee on website

A woman resigned from her job and took a personal grievance against her former employer. The former employer posted on its website a copy of the personal grievance the woman had filed in the Employment Relations Authority. The former employer also posted a number of other statements from other employees rebutting the content of the personal grievance.The woman complained to us about these actions. She said that she was having difficulty finding a new job, and she believed that this was because, when a potential employer carried out an internet search on her name, the first item that the search engines would bring up was the information posted by her former employer on its website. Principle 11 Principle 11 places limits on the disclosure of personal information. An agency must not disclose personal information unless it has reasonable grounds to believe that one of the exceptions to principle 11 applies.

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