Case Note 204195 [2009] NZPrivCmr 5 : Man objects to retention of information on Police database

A man discovered that the New Zealand Police had been informed that he had assaulted a young woman. The Police had noted the information on the National Intelligence Application, its main database. The man believed that the information was incorrect, and that the Police should not have retained it once he told them that it was incorrect. He asked the Police to delete it from the database.The Police refused to remove the information from the database, since they believed it was correct. They also told the man that they could retain the information on their database indefinitely. The man then complained to us.The complaint raised issues under principles 7 and 9 of the Privacy Act.Principle 7Principle 7 states, among other things, that:(1) Where an agency holds personal information, the individual concerned shall be entitled –

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