CASB: A Single Platform to Multiple Data Security Problems

With the advent of global scenarios such as globalization and the internet, there has been a rapid inflow of information and data. This is without a doubt the age of information and everyone in the world, ranging from MNCs and governments to SMEs and individuals rely heavily on data. This data is critical to these entities and without adequate protection, they become liable to various threats which can then prove to be of disastrous consequences for the entities. For this purpose, there are various tools and sources which can be used to deal with the security of data against the innumerable threats. 

Cloud Access Security Broker

A Cloud Access Security Broker or a CASB is a software which is used for the purpose of dealing with the security concerns of data and information of the related stakeholders. It is placed between the remote infrastructure of the party which needs protection and the infrastructure of the party providing services such as cloud services. This way, any threat which may be coming from or to either one of the parties is detected and then removed. This way it is used to protect the data. The protection is done by examining cloud traffic. It poses …

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