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Big data is fundamentally upending countless industries and is even drastically reshaping how we live our social lives. Now, big data has its sights set on academia and is changing the way universities across the world recruit students and professors, amongst a myriad of other things. With all of these changes coming more and more rapidly, some are beginning to ask the dreaded question that’s lingering on everyone’s minds: can academia survive big data?

As we’ll come to see, academia can indeed survive the impending big data revolution, but only if its proponents and the professionals working within its confines take the right steps early on to ensure their security in the rapidly approaching data-driven future.

Universities are already harnessing the power of big data

Some people are foolishly intoning that recent developments in big data will fundamentally revolutionise education to the point where academia, as we know it today, will cease to exist; universities, professors, and classic norms of academic institutions will all soon be replaced by big data-driven algorithms, we’re told. As a matter of fact, while big data will usher in some rather startling changes to some traditional practices of academia, universities and institutions of higher learning the world over …

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