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When the web was developed over 25 years ago, the technologies in place significantly lowered the cost of building a global company. Thanks to the internet, it has become possible to reach a large part of the global population simply from behind your computer. Those companies who first understood the power of the web, and managed to execute their vision correctly, are now the leading global monopolies we are so familiar with: we use Google for finding information, Facebook or WeChat for social activities, Amazon to shop and Apple for our hardware, etc.

But times are changing since Satoshi Nakamoto distributed a paper among a small group of cryptography enthusiasts. Fast forward 11 years, and the underlying technology of the proposed bitcoin is rapidly changing how we run our organisations. Blockchain is a fundamental technology that changes how we perform transactions, how we collaborate and how we build our organisations.

Knowing what blockchain is and how it can contribute to improving your organisation and supply chain is one thing; knowing how to develop a blockchain strategy is another thing altogether. Especially, because when data becomes immutable, verifiable and traceable, it affects other important concepts such as privacy, security and ownership. Therefore, industry …

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