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IoT (Internet of Things) is increasingly creating new opportunities for businesses as well as markets. And the technologies that created IoT is not changing the Internet, but everything that is connected to the Internet.

In fact, IoT connected devices are generating so much data that the question on technology leaders’ mind is – How to make all this data secure & reliable?

Although a huge amount of research is still required, it is believed that IoT’s flaws, in terms of security, can be fixed by merging Blockchain with IoT.

Blockchain is, without any doubt, the safest way to encrypt & secure data. Blending blockchain with IoT can provide the highest-level of security protocols, especially for data as well as a transaction process.

How Can Blockchain Level-Up IoT Security?

First of all, Blockchain is highly secure and impossible to manipulate by anyone connected to the blockchain network. Ever since Bitcoin, blockchain development has come a long way and can now store anything of value.

So why not save data in it?

Blockchain is the perfect structure to form the foundation of secure IoT Data Solutions.

For example, the present IoT devices rely on client-service architecture for data storage. This means, All devices are first recognized, authenticated, and connected through …

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