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Data is growing explosively, in proportions that are mind-boggling. One of the most popular phrases associated with data has been ‘data begets data’; however this phrase is nowhere close to even representing the pace with which data is generated and shared among the 24 billion devices that will be connected in the world by 2020. This data about data is just part of the narrative.  The challenge in the digital era is the need for the data to be interpreted for effective usage.

Augmented reality as an immersive computing technology is one among the disruptors that are overtaking conventional computing and outputs. While AR as a standalone technology offers its own set of solutions, it is now increasingly being used to work in tandem with other technologies to leverage and complement the technological capability of the other. Big Data and AR now work seamlessly together to deliver greater value. The biggest demand for AR is obviously related to applications that involve some form of visualization. Consequently, the demand is high in applications such as video entertainment, gaming activities, retailing, marketing and events. 

Augmented reality applications thrive on data and it’s the data that feeds AR applications with information about surroundings and other …

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