Big Data and Healthcare – It’s a Great Match

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A patient has arrived at his primary care physician’s office. His symptoms are unusual – some fit one diagnosis but others do not. Traditionally, that doctor has had to rely on his training and experience, his medical journals, and, occasionally, consultation with colleagues.

Big data has changed all of that. With access to a huge database of global medical information, that doctor can now input all of the symptoms and have spit out to him potential diagnoses, based upon patient histories from everywhere. Not only will he obtain potential diagnoses but, as well, treatments that have proved to be successful.

Big Data Disruption

Big data has disrupted many industries. It has drastically altered the way in which financial services, insurance, and even investment enterprises do business. But a key industry that is less discussed, one in which big data has made a huge impact, has been health care.

Exactly What is “Big Data?”

We now have the technology to gather huge amounts of information from multiple sources. That gathering is useless, however, unless that information can be categorized and synthesized so that it makes sense to users. Fortunately, we have the technology to do that too.

So, in the healthcare industry, for example, we can gather …

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