3 Ways How Businesses Can Use Data from Smart Homes

Smart homes are getting popular. People are investing heavily in smart homes to save money and to gain control over their home and all the devices. Statistics by Ooma show [ … ]

Data Marketplace: Returning Control to Personal Data’s Rightful Owners

Data leaks permeate discussions at the cultural level. One that’s currently making headlines is Cambridge Analytica’s harvesting of private information from the Facebook profiles of 50 million users. The firm [ … ]

4 Traditional Industries Reshaped by Big Data and Analytics

Big data has become more popular in 2018. Whether structured or unstructured, big data is made up of large datasets that can be mined for more information. Given that traditional industries [ … ]

How Blockchain can Impact Cyber Security and Why You Should Care

Blockchain technology is arguably one of the most important inventions in the information age, and it extends beyond the vestiges of cryptocurrencies. It has massive potential to solve problems, particularly inefficiencies [ … ]

What Your Data Says About Your eCommerce Business

Running an online business as a retailer is a monumental responsibility. Every single facet of your store, including your page design, branding, and content marketing, must be tailor-made to your [ … ]

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