How to Monitor your Network Using Networking Analytics

The fundamental job of a network administrator is to monitor the network for traffic usage, performance, availability, and faults. This continuous practice helps network administrators to respond quickly to the [ … ]

5 Streaming Analytics Platforms For All Real-time Applications

Through Streaming analytics, real-time information can be gathered and analyzed from and on the cloud. The information is captured by devices and sensors that are connected to the Internet, as [ … ]

Big Things to Expect from the Big Data Market: 2018

Technology is evolving every single day, and we need to be prepared for them. However, saying is easier than done. Big Data solutions have become the latest trend in the [ … ]

Top Four Competencies a Data Scientist Should Have

Jobs in the niche of data science is quite lucrative in terms of fat-pay package and adequate job exposure. But the role of a data scientist may slightly vary from [ … ]

How Big Data and Analytics Can Help Business Workflow

Major organizations use Big Data and Data Analytics to improve their business and make informed strategic and operational decisions. But how do they do it? It is said that one [ … ]

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