How Blockchain Can Solve Big Data Barriers

The tech industry is ranting and raving about blockchain, and for good reasons; few technologies seem set to upend modern ways of doing business like blockchain is. When it comes [ … ]

Why AI Needs Big Data

There are few buzzwords bandied about today more often than big data and artificial intelligence; at this point, is there even anything left to say about these emerging technologies, which [ … ]

How Your Marketing Team Can Use Big Data To Increase Productivity

Big data is one of the most pivotal aspects of marketing success today, but recent data breaches and a public row over privacy has left many marketing experts baffled when [ … ]

How Big Data Has Impacted Finance And Banking

domination of markets everywhere. The data revolution that’s fundamentally reshaped the economy from the top down has overwhelmingly been a net positive, however, and for all the disruption that big [ … ]

How The IRS Uses Big Data To Collect Taxes

Big data has become the dominant buzz word of today’s market, being bandied about virtually everywhere as investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs alike all discuss the technology that’s rapidly coming to [ … ]

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