Google Bans Cryptocurrency Ads: What Does This Mean for the Industry as a Whole?

On Wednesday, March 14, Google announced that it would no longer run advertisements from cryptocurrency agencies on its massive and dominating search engine platform. As the largest online advertisement provider [ … ]

What’s On the Horizon for the Smart Home Market? Can’t Miss Innovations That Are Changing the Game

Today’s homes are smarter and more tech-savvy than ever before. From personal chatbot assistants to WiFi-connected washer and dryers, the spaces in which we live are becoming more responsive to [ … ]

What Digital Asset Investors Can Learn from the Recent Coincheck Hack

Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, or a slew of industry peer competitors in between, the main appeal of cryptocurrency is that it’s unregulated by the government or central banking system. On [ … ]

How Retailers are Leveraging Augmented Reality this Holiday Season

The National Retail Federation predicts that between November and December 2017, holiday retail sales will top out at $678.75 billion. As shoppers across the country prepare to drop some serious [ … ]

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