Why Analytics Of Things Standards Are Needed

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to explode, so does the need for the analysis of IoT data. At IIA, we call the analysis of IoT data the Analytics of [ … ]

Three Reasons Why Now Is The Time For Artificial Intelligence

Within a two- to three-year span, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gone from relative obscurity to an extreme level of industry attention and media coverage. As a result, organizations that barely [ … ]

Is Real-Time Analytics A Money Pit?

Certainly, it is important to have analytics available in the timeframe needed for making decisions. For many years, it was too difficult and expensive to execute analytics anywhere near real-time [ … ]

Using Artificial Intelligence to Facilitate Fraud

Any new tool or technology has the potential to be put to use for good purposes or, unfortunately, for harmful purposes. Artificial intelligence is no different. As we see the [ … ]

The Post-Algorithmic Era Has Arrived

Last week, IIA hosted our annual Predictions and Priorities webinar, as well as the associated research brief. When we sat down to determine what we should focus on this year, Tom Davenport [ … ]

Why Blockchain and Analytics Don’t Mix Well

The concept of a blockchain is quite a phenomenon in recent times. It has quickly risen from a relatively obscure idea known mostly within some small circles to one that [ … ]

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