How Big Data Can Improve Public Education

The children are the future, and it should be a common desire of everybody that education is a priority. The more educated children are, the better off the human race [ … ]

How Big Data is Helping Social Workers Know Where to Focus

Social workers play an important role into how society shapes itself for the future. They make sure children, families, and adults could survive, thrive, and interact with local communities. Most [ … ]

How Big Data is Helping Predict Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. One out of every four people who die, pass away because of heart disease. Thanks to big data though, doctors [ … ]

Overcoming the Security Issues of BYOD Offices

The idea of being able to work with your own devices is very appealing to employees across the globe. People have favorite brands, platforms, designs, and personal tastes that all [ … ]

What to do if Your Information was Part of a Data Breach?

The number and threat of cybercriminals is rising, and they are after your personal information. They are attacking you from every angle they can think of. You are getting bombarded [ … ]

Biometric Passwords and What It Means For You

The world of passwords and security is always growing, as criminals are constantly finding new ways to circumvent or crack what protects things of true value. It’s why passwords now [ … ]

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