How Genomics and Big Data Are Leading the Personalized Healthcare Revolution

The healthcare industry is on the edge of a revolution. Thanks to different advances in technology, including the IoT, big data, and genomics, doctors and healthcare professionals are going to [ … ]

How the IoT Can Help You Become Healthier

Being healthy is hard. It requires making difficult decisions constantly. Instead of eating that easy to pour sugary cereal, take time to prepare a healthy breakfast. Instead of lounging on [ … ]

Improving Your Company’s Efficiency with Internal Data

Business owners and managers are always on the hunt to help both their employees and company become more efficient. It makes sense. Getting more work done for less money means [ … ]

How Big Data Can Improve Public Education

The children are the future, and it should be a common desire of everybody that education is a priority. The more educated children are, the better off the human race [ … ]

How Big Data is Helping Social Workers Know Where to Focus

Social workers play an important role into how society shapes itself for the future. They make sure children, families, and adults could survive, thrive, and interact with local communities. Most [ … ]

How Big Data is Helping Predict Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. One out of every four people who die, pass away because of heart disease. Thanks to big data though, doctors [ … ]

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