Privacy consultants’ work is to help their clients to manage personal information responsibly. But how do the consultants themselves measure up to privacy standards? As the promotional website of IDT911 Consulting puts it, data breach risks can come “from such low-tech entry points as data left on a fax machine,Read More →

Ontario Legislature: Bill 119 to Update PHIPA, QCIPA Last month, Health Minister Eric Hoskins introduced Bill 119, the Health Information Protection Act, 2015, in the Ontario Legislative Assembly. The bill is aimed at amending the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and replacing the Quality of Care Information Protection ActRead More →

Drones can be used for scientific research

Is corporate drone use on a collision course with public expectations for privacy? The answer all depends on an industry’s ability to manage expectations in the right way while striking a balance between its own data collection goals and social norms. With each new development in surveillance and communication technology,Read More →