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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the technologies associated with it have disrupted the market and created room for bigger and better opportunities. Based on the insights from the data, these technologies require a lot of trust and assurances. Since organizations are expected to trust the authenticity of these insights, the data needs to be clean and in line with the expectations that are associated with it.

All stakeholders associated with the organization, including employees and management, should understand the value of keeping data clean, regardless of whether it is in an unstructured or structured form.

SAS recently conducted a business survey with over 2,400 business leaders from across the globe. The survey was conducted to delve deep into the details pertaining to best practices for fair AI implementation and trusting the data organizations already have.

Being a proud member of the SAS Collaborator Programme, I was granted access to the results of this survey. The results were a variety of perspectives all leading to different sides of the same coin.

While most of the business leaders surveyed as part of this study wanted increased access to data, only a few were able to say with confidence that they had the right data with them to make the …

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