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“The long-term goal and true potential of AI is to replicate the complexity of human thinking at the macro level, and then surpass it to solve complex problems—problems both well-documented and currently unimaginable in nature.”1


Skin cancer has reached epidemic proportions in much of the world. A simple test is needed to perform initial screening on a wide scale to encourage individuals to seek treatment when necessary.


Doctor Hazel, a skin cancer screening service powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that operates in real time, relies on an extensive library of images to distinguish between skin cancer and benign lesions, making it easier for people to seek professional medical advice.

Background and History

Hackathons have proven to be a successful way to channel energy and technical expertise into solving very specific problems and generating bright, new ideas for applied technology. Such is the case for the genesis of Doctor Hazel, a noteworthy project at the TechCrunch Disrupt’s San Francisco 2017 hackathon, co-developed by Intel® Software Innovator, Peter Ma, and Mike Borozdin, VP of Engineering at Ethos Lending and cofounder of Doctor Hazel. (see Figure 1).

Peter noted, “My cofounder and I had a very close mutual friend who died of cancer …

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