American Telcom Moguls May Now Destroy The Internet Thanks To The FCC

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Net neutrality is once again a hot topic in the mainstream media and internet forums thanks to the recent decision made by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to end the enforcement of net neutrality. The decision is ultimately disliked by the majority of internet users and the demand for Net Neutrality is even crossing party lines in America’s divided political culture.

Many fear that our free and unregulated internet will come under attack by the large telecommunications monopolies that control the majority of the country’s internet users. On the other hand, some fear that handing over control to the FCC is a dangerous precedent since they are known to be harsh with their regulation with other information mediums. As an individual, you can secure your data by using an overseas VPN network, like those offered by ExpressVPN, in order to circumvent Orwellian control over your internet usage (for more information about that, click here).

Controlling ISP Monopolies

AT&T was the first example of a telecommunications monopoly and they had a hold of the nation’s infrastructure during the 1980s. Lawsuits had to force AT&T to dissolve their assets after anti-trust lawsuits but they later went on into the computer market as a result of it. …

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