AI is Like Lego, That’s Why You Should Hire a Chief AI Now

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Artificial Intelligence is like Lego; to build something nice, you need to combine the right pieces in the right way.

Most of us have played with Lego when we were small. I did at least and I absolutely loved it. I can remember the days when my friends and I were playing with Lego for hours on end, constantly creating new structures and building complete cities. We loved it and I am sure it stimulated my creativity. Even adults still play with Lego, often in group exercises to get some creativity flowing. Lego is a wonderful product and I thank Ole Kirk Christiansen for inventing it.

Lego actually comes in thousands of different shapes and 100 different colours and with that, the most amazing structures can be built. Each Lego piece can only be used in a small number of ways (depending on the size of the Lego block). Each piece is compatible with every other piece ever created and every Lego piece created is manufactured to an exact degree of precision, with a fault tolerance of only 10 micrometres. With the right pieces and enough creativity, you can build almost anything you wish.

Artificial intelligence is no different to Lego; you want …

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