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In nearly every industry, AI is making a huge splash. AI is helping both marketing and customer support with chatbots assisting customers, as well as helping analyse massive amounts of data, finding new cures and solutions to diseases, helping increase data security, and finding new planets and solar systems in space.

The video game industry is no exception to all this AI innovation. As developers are constantly looking for ways to build new and exciting games, AI is going to play a significant role in how games are built going forward. This could include acting as a game tester, being a key feature in the game, controlling the enemies, analysing how people play, competing against human players, and even building their own games from the ground up.

The Difference Between Real AI and Game “AI”

Many gamers and game developers have been using the word AI to describe how characters and the game acts to a player’s actions. Using this term isn’t really accurate though, as the programming in those games isn’t a true learning AI. Instead, it’s a list of programming reactions on how the game or NPCs should react to different player actions.

For example, if you’re playing Super Mario Bros, the …

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