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Amongst the most user-friendly and enchanting technology innovations in the current century, big data and cloud technology iOS app development solutions are the most robust, secure, scalable, and universally acceptable. Big data represents the extremely complex and large sets of data that may be structured, semi-structured, or unstructured.

Useful information can be mined from this data by computationally analysing it to reveal human behaviour and interactions from the patterns, trends, and associations of data elements. Some data elements of this big data are web traffic logs, customer’s transactional history, software logs, production databases, online videos, social media interactions, and much more. In short, all behaviour patterns, interests, desires, pains, etc., everything is now stored in the treasure chest of the iPhone device.

The need for big data based iPhone apps

Big data can be used to augment human judgement in useful ways. It is growing larger with each passing moment as people are constantly using mobiles and their data is being stored constantly and is ever-increasing. As the data sets of big data are so large, traditional applications cannot collect and evaluate the data. So, iOS mobile applications that are developed based on big data bridge the gap between technology and consumer for …

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