7 Tips for Selecting the Best IoT Platform for Your Business

It is now an established fact that maintaining an Internet of Things platform of your choice is crucial to the way business processes are carried out. And, the rapid adoption of IoT in all fields of industry has made it an asset to any company.

However, in spite of the rapid growth of IoT, the sad fact is that 90% of the data still remains unused, making it evident that we are not leveraging the full potential of IoT. Often failure to use the correct IoT platform is the commonest reason for this. When IBM conducted research into this, they came up with solutions.

One feasible solution was to release cognitive IoT solutions where the computer will not be programmed, but will learn through intelligent means of experience, human interaction and data. Through cognitive IoT, vast amounts of data can be used.

So, let’s take a look at some of best tips that will help you choose the right IoT platform for your business.

1. The Unique Offerings of Each Vendor

IoT has revolutionized many industrial sectors to a great extent; hence, there are so many IoT platforms out there that it becomes a tough task to  choose the best. After initial research, you will probably have to focus …

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