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The open-source development model has played a pivotal role in the steady emergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence into the mainstream. Many libraries and frameworks are available to developers as open source code, and cloud computing giants like Google, Microsoft, and AWS have led the way in providing many of these projects.

One reason for the influx of open source machine learning and AI projects is that it lowers the barriers to entry for developers who can experiment and become proficient with high-quality frameworks, libraries, and applications. Most enterprises are familiar with the exciting use cases for machine learning and AI apps. In fact, 54 percent of executives are already actively investing in AI.

However, there is a huge talent gap that prevents many companies from deploying such apps in production environments. The open-source model helps, in part, to close that talent gap by encouraging developers to experiment and learn. The fact that many of the projects for AI and machine learning have been released by data-science heavyweights like Google and Amazon is important because it ensures developers become familiar with high-quality code from the outset.

With this in mind, read on to find out about seven of the most interesting open …

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