7 Companies Protecting Your Food with Blockchain

Food is important and you are what you eat. Eating healthy and good food is important if you wish to be fit and healthy. Even if you have an unhealthy diet, the occasional big mac, you want your food to be of good quality. Meaning you want your food to be well-treated throughout the supply chain and without any unhealthy bacteria.

Fortunately, there are a lot of regulations to ensure the safety of your food and drinks. Manufacturers have to comply with these regulations. However, despite all regulations, sometimes it goes wrong. For example, in 2008-2009, nine people died due to Salmonella in peanut butter, and three people died due to a deadly strain of E. coli in tainted spinach.

Ensuring companies adhere to all regulations to prevent such outbreaks is one approach. Another approach is that when a faulty product is discovered, the problem can be resolved quickly. Deadly bacteria, such as Salmonella, require quick detection of their source and removal of faulty products from supermarkets. The key concepts here are transparency and traceability, which both can be achieved with blockchain technology.

Food and Blockchain: 7 Examples

Fortunately, various companies around the world are experimenting with blockchain to improve food supply chains. Here …

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