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From collectable trading cards in video games to a limited edition piece of digital art, the idea of online assets has been around for quite some time. Gamers, collectors, and other enthusiasts have enjoyed amassing, trading, and sometimes selling, various forms of digital assets. But the question has always been “How much are digital assets or collectables really worth?”

Whether or not items, assets, or tools in the digital world is one of the major questions that’s been gnawing away at gamers and collectables for years. So far the best answer has been “it depends.” Gamers of the massive RPG World of Warcraft, for example, have long been selling various items, spells, and power-ups for real money (albeit via the black market). If it’s a digital asset or item that gamers or collectors value, they’ll find a way to pay for it.

The problem is, there’s been no way to ensure what people are buying are authentic, and no standardised way to exchange digital for real-world value. However, things are evolving with the arrival and application of blockchain technology to the digital asset space. Blockchain is serving to fill in some of the biggest gaps that have prevented digital assets from gaining …

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