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These days, there is no question that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on track to revolutionize just about every aspect of our lives, especially from a business standpoint. It allows companies to analyze loads of consumer data for better customer experiences and predict trends. Additionally, AI also revolutionized the medical field, manufacturing industry, and education in ways that were never before imagined.

It should be no surprise that AI can also make an impact on your HR department, particularly when it comes to the recruiting and hiring process. Today’s recruiters are faced with an exhaustive list of challenges. According to Talent Now’s latest report, 73% of hiring managers say that finding qualified talent is their most difficult task when it comes to recruiting. Moreover, 21% are unable to provide the kind of candidate experience that leads to successful hires.

Thankfully, AI can provide solutions to these problems and help create a recruiting strategy that attracts and retains qualified talent. Here are three ways recruiters should embrace AI digital adoption for a better hiring process. 

Resume Bots for Faster Candidate Screening

Once a candidate submits an application, their resumes are typically screened by a recruiter to see whether or not they possess the skill levels needed …

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