3 Major Data Usage Cloud computing Trends For 2018

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Just a couple of years back, cloud computing became one of the mainstream technologies in the world of business. One of the studies conducted by the Harvard Business School inferred that over 85% of companies were using cloud technology in one way or the other. However, the number of businesses that are making use of this technology is set to increase in 2018. The technological advancements which are popping up almost at breakneck speed are forcing business enterprises to adopt them to stay competitive or risk being kicked out of business. Cloud technology might be the trend that will take the business world of the 21st-century market economy by storm.

Technologies that are related to the cloud such as DevOps, microservices architecture and think containers are set to change at a breakneck pace. Cloud computing enables the government database, and business enterprises to eliminate the need for having to store their information and sensitive data in the traditional storage devices such as flash and hard drives. With the cloud, data is stored in millions of virtual servers which can be accessed at any time and in any geographical location with internet access. This has improved the flexibility of government and business …

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