Year: 2018

Case Note 10115 [1999]

A father applied for a review of his child support obligations, claiming that the child’s mother’s financial circumstances had improved after her remarriage. The woman submitted details of her new [ … ]

Case Note 18776 [1999] – A debt collection agency faxed a demand letter to a workplace

Disclosure of personal information – Debt collection agency – Fax message sent to debtor’s workplace – Whether disclosure was authorised – Whether authorisation could be implied – Whether authorisation could [ … ]

Case Note 17749 [1999] – Inaccurate information in a report resulted in compensation being cancelled

Accuracy of personal information – ACC – Insufficient steps taken to check accuracy of information – Information used to assess compensation entitlement – Health Information Privacy Code 1994, rule 8

Case Note 15052 [1999] – Woman taped watering her garden received an infringement notice

Collection of personal information – Local authority – Failure to advise purpose of collection- Issue of infringement notice videotaped – Videotape broadcast as news item – Information privacy principle 3

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