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Is Edge Computing Analytics a real Internet of Things (IoT) trend for 2019 or is it more smoke from analysts and large technology vendors? As large hardware manufacturers like Cisco, HPE or Dell are building specific infrastructure for the edge designed to be more physically rugged and secure, we should believe there will be a lot of IoT money at the Edge.

Working during last months with Aingura IIoT, I have been aware of the difficulties of developing and implement Edge Computing Machine Leaning solutions for the manufacturing industry. The company combine years of industry experience and knowledge in automation (PLCs, SCADAS, HMIs) and electrical and mechanical engineering with a unique Edge Computing distributed system used by Data Scientist to develop Machine Learning algorithms and built Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications for the manufacturing and automotive industries.

However, it is worth asking if clients are ready or interested in implementing these solutions or will continue one more year with the pilots who do not go anywhere.

Here are some personal observations that I believe would help accelerate the implementation of edge computing/machine learning solutions in the Manufacturing industry.

Get help to find the needle in the haystack

With so many companies talking about Industrial Internet …

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