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Many of the early proponents of blockchain still find themselves fending off unwarranted criticisms that the technology is worthless. While it’s indisputable that blockchain is a fascinating and innovating development that’s reshaped our marketplace over the past few years, it certainly hasn’t yet achieved the wondrous changes that many of its backers have been predicting. With 2019 just around the corner, some are beginning to muse that blockchain could soon finally be coming into its own.

Will blockchain finally make its mark in 2019? While blockchain technology is still hurtling forward at an impressive pace and will make large gains in 2019, it still has some way to go before it’s universally accepted.

Businesses are embracing blockchain

If you’re trying to determine the future of blockchain, it’s worthwhile to start by analyzing its current strengths. By far the primary engine of blockchain’s growth over the past few years has been the widespread embrace of the technology by businesses everywhere, which has proven it has long-term potential and driven impressive investment levels ever higher. There are a few reasons to believe that spending on blockchain related services will slow down anytime soon, too.

After all, some predictions are already positing that blockchain spending will reach …

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