Will Apple Catch Up to Its Competitors in Artificial Intelligence?

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Believe it or not, in the ‘80s Time Magazine called Apple “a chaotic mess without a strategic vision and certainly no future.” Since then, Apple has made one of the biggest business comebacks in the last 50 years, achieving a valuation over $900 billion in 2017. This valuation is due in large part to the iPhone. The iPhone does employ AI for Siri and voice recognition — but compared to companies like Alphabet and IBM, Apple hasn’t necessarily been a big name in the AI field.

That very well may change. In late November 2017, the richest company in the world gave Quartz a glimpse of how its deep neural network, VoxelNet, identifies data points from a LiDAR sensor. This is part of Apple’s effort to develop AI for a self-driving car. Originally, it looked like there would eventually be an Apple iCar out driving around on its own cognizance. But the company has since scrapped efforts to produce a car in favor of concentrating on software for what Tim Cook calls “the mother of all AI projects.” To have the best self-driving car, you have to have the best AI.  

Will Apple be able to compete in the battle for the …

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