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The rapid rise of artificial intelligence has many worried that the next chapter in history will be defined by job loss stemming from automation. Many working professionals in an assortment of industries are getting increasingly concerned that a robot or a powerful piece of software might take their job next, and even content creators are beginning to look at the success of AI developers with concern. Increasingly, some are even beginning to nurture doubts that AI could replace manual content creation entirely.

As we’ll come to see, AI is unlikely to replace manual content creation entirely. While the AI-driven production of new content will continue to grow in popularity, human-generated content will remain popular and marketable for the foreseeable future.

The rise of the machines is overblown

It’s indisputable that we’ve seen some mind-boggling developments in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence over the past few decades. Scientific advancements once thought impossible are being made into reality every day. Nonetheless, the rise of the machines is overblown when it comes to the creation of engaging, creative content. While AI programs are very effective at a certain task, machine learning processes aren’t quite at the level of humans yet.

It’s fair to say that …

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