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A new study has found that 88% of brands are now using AI. And yet, 55% are disappointed with the results of their investment.

As underwhelming as this satisfaction statistic may be, it doesn’t necessarily mean that AI technology itself is at fault. Rather, misguided adoption of AI is more likely to drive disappointment. The plain fact is that implementing AI is often the workplace equivalent to using a cannon to kill a mosquito.

Companies are in such haste to jump on the AI bandwagon that they forgot the most fundamental question: is it the right solution for the problem? Here’s why you (probably) don’t need AI.

The root of the issue

AI is new and exciting. That doesn’t make it a necessary component of business success. In fact, for common workflow bottlenecks, AI proves an overblown and overly expensive solution.

In their rush to take advantage of AI, many businesses are using it for problems that simpler automation could solve. AI can complete routine tasks, but so too can a less advanced (and less expensive) solution.

It’s often tempting to think of artificial intelligence as a panacea for all your woes and problems. This is not the case. It all comes down to what you’re …

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