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You’ve made it!

The years of hard work and gaining experience in your field has finally paid off. You’re a Data Scientist! You’re a part of an innovative, forward-thinking team working on exciting, world-changing projects. You’ve got a great salary and tasty benefits package, flexible working and not an uncomfortable suit and tie in sight. Time to put down the books and enjoy the ride? Absolutely not! Quite the opposite in fact, and here is why. 

The field of Data Science is a vast landscape where possibilities for professionals are endless.  

It is by no means a static profession, you can apply your skills to an array of different industries and domains, so knowledge on the area you work in is key so that you are able to derive the most valuable insights out of your data. With so many businesses hiring for and building out data science teams, it’s important that you have knowledge of the business you’re working in, or if you’re looking to move jobs – the one you’re wanting to make a move into. The job role is so much more than numbers and big data sets, it’s about contributing to the bigger picture, solving problems for businesses …

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