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Are you on e-commerce retailer still in the dark about the data available you and how you can use the data to boost sales and find new opportunities? Are you unable to access the right data and consequently unable to correctly measure your marketing ROI? Are you unable to link all the individual customer data together because of lack of resources or the right technology?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all or some of the questions above, you are in luck. The widespread use of social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, as well as the rise in social media groups and pages, is an indication of the fact that e-commerce is a huge game changer for businesses. It is the one thing that could boost your sales this year. In this article, we look at everything you need to know about big data and how you can leverage it for the success of your online store.

But first, what is big data?

Big data refers to large datasets stored and analyzed using the latest technologies to offer meaningful insights into your business, and also to guide your decisions. This brings us to e-commerce analytics, which refers to the processes involved …

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