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A few days ago, some of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists in the technology industry warned for the dangers of artificial intelligence and that of lethal autonomous weapons. Over 150 companies and 2400 individuals from 90 countries signed the lethal autonomous weapon pledge at the 2018 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. I signed it as well, as I believe that we should do whatever it takes to stop lethal autonomous weapons as they can seriously destabilise the global society.

Already, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly advanced, and it is poised to play a major role in every industry; not only the military industry but every industry. With that, it will become a central component in our lives, affecting most of the decisions that we take on a daily basis. When that happens, it is vital that we remain in control of artificial intelligence, that biased data does not take over and that we prevent artificial intelligence from becoming black boxes that we no longer understand.

Unexpected AI Behaviour

Researchers have already experienced behaviour in AI-only networks that became difficult to control and understand. For example, algorithms that started competing against each other and used novel tactics, algorithms that developed …

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