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Advances in technology in the 21st century have been rampant and industry-changing. These changes are perhaps most apparent with how advanced the internet has become and how prevalent it is in everyday life, which has given rise to the internet of things, commonly referred to as IoT.

The IoT is essentially the combination of physical items with the internet outside of standard computers. Items like cell phones fall into the IoT, and most users expect to connect to the internet from their phone easily. However, cell phones are far from the only everyday device that continually accesses the internet, with products like speakers, vehicles and even watches coming under the IoT as well.

For users, this change means technology is at a level of connectivity where it has never been before. Additionally, the amount of information that’s available as a result of these IoT devices is substantial and allows people to examine the different habits in their lives. It’s this same collection of information that has also recently landed IoT products in hot water.

IoT and Personal Information

By giving a device — or in many cases, several devices — access to your daily actions and communication, you’re enabling them to record significant amounts …

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