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It’s no secret that technology is an essential part of our everyday lives. People simply enjoy the benefits that the online world and technology have to offer. That being said, modern businesses are aware where their customers are, and they’ll leverage any advantage they can to capture their customers’ interests and outrun their competitors. The Internet of Things (IoT) is proof of technology’s ever-growing presence in people’s lives with over 6 billion connected devices across the world.

Simply put, IoT is a network of devices that can connect with each other over the internet and gather, as well as broadcast data via sensors or beacons. But what does that mean for online businesses and digital marketing? Even now, businesses and digital marketers are gathering data about online consumers and their behavior, preferences, needs, and demands, to win them over. With IoT being present in consumers’ lives, access to more in-depth data about consumers is available to businesses. It’s safe to say that the data provided from IoT devices will, and already is, reshaping digital marketing. Let’s have a look.

The importance of big data

As mentioned before, online businesses and digital marketers are gathering data about their customers, by tracking various metrics and …

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