Why the Internet of Things Offers a Bold New Frontier for Social Marketing

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The year is nearly 2018, and we have yet to see flying cars become the norm or colonisation of mars. Science fiction may have over-promised, but I would argue that Silicon Valley hasn’t under delivered.

Nearly 1 in 5 households are considered hyper-connected, which means that they have 10 or more internet-connected devices. That’s great news for people that are looking for machines to become more integrated with our daily lives.

Do The Risks of a Connected Life Outweigh the Benefits?

Unfortunately, with every advance, there are new risks and concerns. One of the concerns with the connected household is privacy. Even for corporate America, this presents a challenge. While 85% of companies plan to utilise connected devices, only 10% feel that they can successfully secure them for daily use.

If corporate America can’t protect itself from the onslaught of hackers, how are residential households supposed to venture confidently into the world of smart devices and connected homes?

There are a few products that I think are a step in the right direction for the secure, connected household. First is the introduction of highly-secure home routers that can detect attacks because they have security software baked into the network infrastructure. Second, there are a growing …

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