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Everybody is well aware of the fact that we’re now in the era of big data, where virtually all decisions made by major businesses and even government entities are being facilitated with the help of a big data analytics program. The rise of the big data age has ignited a fierce fight amongst programmers regarding which language is the best to work with, too, and it’s becoming overwhelmingly clear that a consensus is forming around Python.

Here’s why Python is the top programming language for all things having to do with big data projects, and how you can tap into it to master your data projects in the future.

Experts rely on Python

Let’s be clear about big data – you can rely on a myriad of programming languages, including Java and R, for your big data projects. Nonetheless, experts are overwhelmingly picking Python as their programming language of choice for their data projects, precisely because it offers them the clear and concise language they need to tackle their projects without any hassle. According to a recent developer skills report, Python is becoming more and more commonly accepted across the market, precisely because it’s general purpose nature helps developers across industries tackle their …

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