Why Organisations Nowadays Want an Analytics Platform

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With the nascent stage of the data revolution past us, organisations are entering a new level of proficiency in handling data expertly. Gone are the days when organisations could handle data and extract insights out of it, without the presence of an analytics platform.

The importance of enterprise analytics platforms has grown over time, to such an extent that they are considered imperative for storing and analysing data today.

As a member of the SAS Collaborator program, I had the luxury of receiving insights from an extended SAS survey assessing the likelihood of organisations going for analytics platforms and the motivating factors behind such a strategy. The research consisted of two parts, with the first one including interviews from over 132 government and business organisations.

The second part consisted of an online global survey that attracted 477 respondents, all of whom came from a qualified background. The results were quite interesting and validated the importance of analytics in organisations currently. Over 80% of all subjects said that the topic of analytics had reached the boardroom within their organisation.

Adding Value

To start off we asked respondents about the value that analytics had added to their business model and efficiency. Seventy-two percent of all respondents …

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